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Pole-Tied Black Canary 1 by Bioblade Pole-Tied Black Canary 1 by Bioblade
A friend requested seeing a Super-Heroine tied to a here it is! Hope you like it. XD
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PlayArtsBondage Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014
more! XD
russellcattle Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013

If a Ken doll undergoes reconstructive surgery, he can approach her looking like he's part of the cast of Lysistrata. 


If you think Black Canary's are wide now, just wait!

asdjol Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey! This looks really good!!!
vesha Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2011  Professional Artist
I like it. The rope looks lot more like rope than the twine you've used earlier. The blonde hair and the outfit reminds one of the classic damsel in distress image. Well done :)
Bioblade Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2011
Hey thanks! XD Don't get very many comments (like, at all), so I pretty much just STOPPED taking pics. ^^; Didn't seem worth the effort of all the setup, then getting them transferred to the computer, re-sized, the whole uploading and tagging thing (HATE tagging) felt like far too much work for far too little reward. I'm no artist, and my poor ego needs a little boosting now and then. XD

That and I'm just plain out of ideas. ;P I've done just about every scene I can think of (though picking single pics out to post on DA is challenging, considering the archive of past toy shoots is so utterly MASSIVE). Anything you'd like to see in particular? If people made suggestions now and then, I'm sure I'd be more motivated. XD

On topic though, yeah, this twine is a TON more realistic than the old stuff I was forced to use. That and the discovery of electric tape made things look MUCH more professional! Much as I like the "cloth" gags I figured out, they just aren't feasible with figures who have plastic hair.
vesha Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2011  Professional Artist
Hey you're welcome :)

I'm impressed with your ability to find toys and props that work within the universe you've created.

I can imagine that cloth slips around way too much on plastic.
Sometimes the real thing is not what looks most realistic. Especially when you change the size of things.

If you're out of ideas, you could try playing with different coloured lighting, or building up backgrounds for the scenes.

If you're up for it, I would like to see the tiger girl in a jungle setting, or maybe a scene with her and black canary. You could get some plants and experiment with different colour lights.

I would also like to see some of the pictures with the other bondage gear you made, do you have stocks? or anything you feel like showing is cool :)

Thanks =)

btw feel free to send me a note if you need some hints for tagging things.
Bioblade Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2011
The white backdrop has worked up till now......but it wasn't my first choice. Sadly, my camera is pretty cheap, and any attempt to add ANY kind of lighting has ended in disaster. The only thing that allows it to take clear pictures indoors is to turn off ALL lights and rely souly on the flash....anything else I've tried, any lamps, bulbs, flashlights, ANYTHING, comes out looking like.......well, a guy taking pictures of his toys. ^^; Outdoor lighting works, but I live in one of the rainiest cities in the world, and seeing how it's the middle of winter, taking any figures outdoors is simply impossible!

I'd love to get SOME kind of backdrop in there, and trust me when I say I've searched high and low! Craft stores, Halloween stores, online.....nothing that will work in the right scale (considering the low angles I like, the background has to be VERY high and wide!). Something as complex as a jungle just wouldn't be workable on my budget, as pretty much anything I could get would look VERY fake. When the weather clears up, I can see about finding a patch outside for Tigra though!

Stocks......yeah, no. ^_^; I use what I can get my mitts on, and the kind of woodcraft skills required to build a set of stocks is beyond me. I've made some clever rigs and such using various combination of chain, jumprings, twine, legos, and other odds and ends, but I'd need to do some research and get some better tools before trying to carve something along those lines. :P

As for showing you more pics........well, that could be arranged. A vast majority of them are kept in a password protected account, which I could probably give you access to if you'd like. While all are similar pics of my toys, they're positions are...well, not acceptable for posting on DA....showing you would depend on how easily offended you'd be seeing your childhood icons getting raped in the butt. :P
vesha Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2011  Professional Artist

I don't get offended too easily as you might be able to tell from my gallery ;)

If you care to show me, I would love to take a look at your more daring pictures :)

Bioblade Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2011
Could take a bit for me to figure out.......the link is saved on my laptop, and I just switched to a new computer. Not even sure I still know my password! *goes to check*
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